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Llanelly Pottery Plate by Sam Shufflebotham

Llanelly Jug in Bombay Pattern

Llanelly Pottery Cockerel Plate Welcome to the Llanelly Pottery website - a resource site for all those who have an interest in Llanelly Pottery.

From 1839 until the early 1920s, pottery was manufactured commercially in Llanelli near to where the Asda shopping complex now stands. Little or nothing now remains of the factory, apart from a recently-erected blue plaque identifying its original location. However, after 8 decades of pottery making, enough evidence remains in glass cabinets, on shelves and welsh dressers, to testify that pottery, along with rugby and tinplate, is an important part of the town's heritage.

Llanelly pottery now holds a fascination to many enthusiasts and collectors, both within and beyond the town's boundaries; and we hope this website can only add to that enthusiasm. Also, we hope it will be an initial source of information to anybody who may be interested in finding out more about what Llanelly pottery has to offer. There is a short history of Llanelly pottery from its beginnings under William Chambers Jnr. in 1839, until it ceased production in 1922 - giving a brief description of the various periods of pottery manufacture. We have listed public collections where Llanelly pottery may be viewed, and a section listing the various books that have been written about welsh pottery and Llanelly pottery in particular.

We would welcome comments, criticisms, corrections or additions to any of the information we have listed, to help make the site as relevant as possible; and would also welcome photographs or images of interesting pieces you own or may have owned, to extend our gallery- full accreditation of which will be given.

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